New evidence that toxic “spike protein” component of Covid-19 vaccines can spread to organs – Bret Weinstein: the public have been placed in danger

Three days ago Bret Weinstein released an interview with Dr. Robert Malone the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, and Steve Kirsch who funds research into re-purposing drugs for Covid-19 treatment [1]. The title of the video understates the importance of this conversation which opens with a grave warning from Weinstein that the public have been “place into a kind of danger” without their knowledge. The three met primarily to discuss recent revelations about serious risks from the Covid-19 vaccines, but they also discussed the ongoing suppression of promising treatments such as Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine. [Added: also see 23rd June discussion with Weinstein and Kory on spotify with Joe Rogan – link at end]

The alarming new information was very recently uncovered by Canadian Professor of Viral Immunology Dr. Byram Bridle [2] [3]. The “spike protein” component of the Covid-19 vaccines does not as previously believed remain fixed at the injection site, but in fact can get into the blood and can as a result cause serious medical problems including death*. A “bio distribution study” which his team recently obtained from the Japanese government indicates that the toxic spike protein can travel to bone marrow, liver, adrenal gland, ovaries, spleen, heart and brain. [*Note added: obviously an important question here is the probability of it getting into the blood, and having done that the probability of it causing serious damage. One of the additional serious problems discussed by Weinstein and many others is the unwillingness of many toward asking such questions let alone objectively investigating to find the answers.]

[Added June 27th. I am disgusted but not surprised to find that youtube have decided that they know better than the scientists mentioned here and that you should not be allowed to hear what these scientists have to say. I am leaving the links in place as evidence of youtube efforts to prevent people from speaking and hearing about these important topics. Here is an alternative youtube link to the same interview with Dr. Byram Bridle although I am not sure whether it contains everything that was in the original:]

Dr. Bridle is pro-vaccine but acknowledged during a presentation he gave to a Covid-19 Symposium earlier this year that record-breaking vaccine development was achieved through “cutting corners” and said that “We are lacking information about Covid-19 vaccines that was always available for previous vaccines” [3]. He warned at the time that there were questions about the vaccines remaining to be answered.

Dr. Bridle describes this latest new information as very concerning – with serious short and long term health implications for large numbers of people. In conclusion he said, we are inoculating people with a toxin – “we made a big mistake”.

[1] Bret Weinstein, Dr. Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch – How to save the world, in three easy steps. Clips of this interview are available on DarkHorse Podcast Clips. [Added 27th June – youtube have censored the upload of the whole discussion, however sections of the discussion are available at DarkHorse Podcast Clips ].

[2] New evidence that Covid-19 vaccines have significant potential to cause serious health problems and death – Dr. Byram Bridle Professor of Viral Immunology University of Guelph. (Video featured above) [Added 27th June – youtube have censored the video that I reference here. Here is an alternative youtube link to the same interview with Dr. Byram Bridle although I am not sure whether it contains everything that was in the original: The interview was an episode of ON Point with Alex Pierson – however I have not been able to find the original so the episode producers may have bowed to censorship pressure. Here is Dr. Bridle speaking at a recent press conference about the recent censorship and smear tactics against him, and at which he also explains his scientific concerns about the vaccines.]

[3] Covid-19 Symposium 2021: Dr Byram Bridle, Viral Immunologist, University of Guelph.

[4] Steve Kirsch – Silicon Valley Philanthropist Shares Review of CDC Data: COVID-19 Vaccine Associated with 100X Deaths Compared to Influenzas

[5] Steve Kirsch – FOIA Document for Vaccine Discussion as to mRNA-based Vaccine Safety Signals

Added 12th August 2021:

[6] Joe Rogan episode from 23rd June with Dr. Bret Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Kory, primarily covering Ivermectin and also vaccine safety. If you have not already heard this it is well worth it – very compelling discussion on Ivermectin. One new thing I picked up today is that Ivermectin has also shown signs of being effective as a treatment for people affected by the Covid vaccines – all the more reason why we desperately need health authorities to stop doing whatever they are doing to ignore or suppress Ivermectin. They discuss this at approximately 130 minutes in.

6 thoughts on “New evidence that toxic “spike protein” component of Covid-19 vaccines can spread to organs – Bret Weinstein: the public have been placed in danger

  1. BW’s conflicts with YouTube etc are because he is operating within the “culture war” mileu of US society. In part because that is how he became famous but also because he is inclined to conspiratorial thinking (which may well be appropriate in the USA).

    This is a better channel that has presented very similar concerns to BW’s since March 2020 (when I found it). IThe channel hasn’t been censored and I suspect has been a lot more influential than BW.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I don’t think your characterization of BW’s conflict with YouTube is quite fair. YouTube clearly state that they will treat any disagreement with certain sources as prohibited “misinformation”. This is a blatant violation of the philosophy of science not to mention the principles of rational public discourse – which in this case can have and probably has had serious consequences.

      I also think it is a little too easy to accuse people of conspiratorial thinking as a pejorative. Sometimes conspiracies happen (many crimes are conspiracies), and not every conspiracy theory is dubious as the flat earth or moon landing conspiracy theory. Many people such as BW have been puzzling over the various angles of this situation for a long time – and on the basis of what has been happening the idea of conspiracy to explain some of what we are seeing isn’t unreasonable – bearing in mind these are merely suggestions – not hard claims.

      Personally, large conspiracies are not first on my list because I think generally speaking people aren’t smart enough or well coordinated enough to carry them off. Instead I think human nature and human failings can explain a lot – and I am sure BW would agree with that because he has also speculated that some of what we are seeing could simply be “emergent”. That said – there does seem to be a clear conflict of interest here – and potential motivation for big pharma and the authorities who work with them to ignore treatments which would potentially undermine their vaccine roll-out initiative.

      Speaking of human nature – I am generally pro-vaccine, but I wonder if a certain faction has become so wedded to the idea of saving the world by vaccination, and having been presented with what seems like a perfect opportunity to put into practice years of “global disaster” planning – that they have lost sight of two very important questions – (1) is it safe? and (2) is it necessary?. Not only do these questions need to be asked – but it is not sufficient to ask them once – they must be asked every day and we need to be prepared to change course when it is warranted – this also I think politicians and administrators have largely failed to do.

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  2. I couldn’t care less about YouTube and its values. I was moved to comment because of how BW was presenting information:

    BW . . . speculated that some of what we are seeing could simply be “emergent”.

    This was ok, but he stretched his speculations way further than that. Certainly well beyond what I felt justified by the state of common knowledge. I think that was a pretty common reaction, as seen in the Quillette peice.


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